Management Team

Agency Leadership

Linda Cancro Lucas              

Chief Executive Officer                                                 

Kathleen Hinnigan-Cohen   

Chief Operating Officer                                                

Megan Beebe                        

Senior Director - Financial Operations/Controller                                           

Frank Cinque

Senior Director - Asset Management

Heather Comstock                

Senior Director - Communication & Development              

Erin Koropsak                                   

Senior Director - Quality Improvement & Consumer Supports

Melissa Soules

Senior Director - Supports Program Services

Graig Berkowitz                    

Director of Information Technology                                      

Laurie Best                            

Director of Children’s Services                                    

Alan Binstein                           

Director of Transportation and Property Management                                   

Sue Brand                            

Director of Education & Early Childhood                                    

Nancy Byrne

Director of Communications

Minerva Delgado

Executive Assistant/Office Manager

Scott Feingold

Director of Human Resources

Rebecca Lorusso

Director of Adult Services - Residential

Maureen Murray

Director of Community Services