A Hero Among Us

November 28th, 2014

Bloomfield group home resident, William (Willie) Hubeny, loves to listen to music on his radio after dinner. For Willie, Friday, November 21 started out as a regular day. Following dinner, Willie returned to his room to spend time listening to his favorite tunes. 

At the same time, Quadeer Burnett, a substitute at the Bloomfield group home and SWOP Day Program team member was going about his regular duties and checking in on each resident. That's when he realized Willie was slumped in his wheelchair. As he approached, Quadeer noticed Willie was not breathing. He immediately jumped into action, performing CPR and instructing an additional staff member to call 911. 

Quadeer continued to perform CPR until the police and EMTs arrived, upon which time Willie regained consciousness. After taking a few minutes to compose himself, Quadeer accompanied Willie to the hospital, where he was tested and ultimately released. Since the incident, Willie has recovered at home and continues to do well. Thanks to Quadeer’s keen eye and quick action, Willie is alive and was able to attend the UNICO Holiday Party on Sunday, December 14 where he enjoyed the music on the dance floor with his housemates.

The Arc of Essex County would like to recognize and thank Quadeer Burnett. Without his attention to detail and compassion for his residents, this story could have ended much differently.