Bathroom and Kitchen Renovations for 4 Residential Properties

September 25th, 2020

The Arc of Essex County's asset management department is continuing its multi-year renovation and modernization plan for select residential properties.  The Belmont group home recently completed renovations to add a new bathroom while the Green Ave. and Cedar Grove group homes as well as the Bloomfield supervised apartments are slated to receive kitchen upgrades in the coming months.

The Belmont group home renovations increased the level of accessibility by converting an existing half bathroom into a full, accessible bathroom and expanded the footprint of an existing full bathroom to also improve accessibility.  The Green Ave., Cedar Grove, and Bloomfield properties will all receive new kitchens (4 total).

Are you or a family member interested in pursuing community living options with The Arc of Essex County?  Check out The Arc’s residential services brochure, here.  For questions or specific enrollment requirements, please contact The Arc’s Director of Residential Service, Rebecca Lorusso via email at or by calling (973) 535-1181 ext. 1270.