"Conquering Change" - The Arc of Essex County Releases 2015-2016 Annual Report

February 2nd, 2017

Change is a constant in life.  The ability to harness change and take advantage of the opportunities that it presents is what differentiates those that will ultimately succeed.  Since The Arc of Essex County's founding sixty-seven years ago, change has afforded much opportunity.  Creative solutions, innovation, and a vision for the future have been born out of moments of uncertainty.  The Arc, though steeped in history, has always recognized the importance of adaptability and empowers our staff to push past the boundaries of acceptable towards excellence.

Never has the notion of change been more pertinent than the present.  In Fiscal Year 15-16 the state's funding system began its transition from a contract based to a Medicaid fee-for-service model.  At its core, this will fundamentally alter the way we operate.  This notion alone could paralyze an organization.  But The Arc is using this as fuel to ignite a brighter future.

Here at The Arc, we encourage change not only on an organizational level, but on an individual level as well.  The accomplishments of those we serve continue to amaze us, and individuals are achieving milestones each day.  Some are taking their first steps, earning their first paycheck, living in their communities, and even getting married.  Regardless of the goals set forth, The Arc of Essex County is proud to partner with individuals and families to help each achieve their personal dreams.  

See how The Arc of Essex County Conquered Change in FY 15-16 by reading our Annual Report Today!