Deputy Commissioner of the NJ Department of Human Services, Dr. Dawn Apgar Visits The Arc

January 19th, 2017

On Tuesday, January 17th, Dr. Dawn Apgar the Deputy Commissioner of the NJ Department of Human Services visited John Over, a day program attendee and resident of The Arc of Essex County.  Meeting at The Arc's Livingston CRC day program, Ms. Apgar conducted the interview as part of a follow up study of former residents of North Jersey Developmental Center and Woodbridge Developmental Center.  

During their meeting Ms. Apgar asked John about his living arrangements, engagement with the community, and overall quality of life.  His feedback, with others, will be incorporated into a report to the Governor and Legislature regarding the closure of the Woodbridge and North Jersey Developmental Centers.

The study and forthcoming report presents data pertaining to a variety of topics, including the residential settings and services available to former developmental center residents, transfers to other institutional settings as well as movement among community placements, health outcomes and service utilization, guardianship, and staffing ratios.  This initiative as well as a photo from the meeting between Ms. Apgar and John will be the focus of an upcoming article from The Boggs Center on Developmental Disabilities.