Large Crowd Gathers for Annual Membership Meeting

June 28th, 2016

More than 70 members of The Arc of Essex County attended the Annual Membership Meeting hosted on Monday, June 27th at the main office in Livingston.  New members were elected to the board of directors including Trish Boylan, Eileen Hahn, Dana Irvis, and Allison Morgan. Attendees received an update on the status of the fee-for-service transition and learned how to choose and use a support coordinator that’s right for them.

The Arc of Essex County’s CEO Linda Lucas kicked off the evening by reviewing the state of the fee-for-service transition noting that a new cohort of individuals will begin in the new service model this summer.  The complete transition to the fee-for-service model is expected to take some time, but as families begin their transition they will be required to select a support coordinator if their loved one is still living at home.

Director of Business Development Melissa Soules then lead attendees through the roles of the family, support coordinator, and service provider; questions to ask as you interview potential service coordination agencies, and how to work with and evaluate your service coordinator.  Attendees came prepared with thoughtful questions that were answered throughout the evening’s presentation.

The presentation and resource documents are available for download: 

Director of Business Development Melissa Soules is also available to answer fee-for-service transition questions via email at or by calling (973) 535-1181 ext. 1262.