Thank You for Fundraising on Behalf of The Arc of Essex County on Facebook

January 10th, 2019

Since July 2018, supporters of The Arc of Essex County have hosted Facebook Fundraisers for birthdays and celebrations to raise money on behalf of the agency. We are very grateful for these generous fundraisers and would like to take the time to recognize those that have donated. Through these Facebook Fundraisers, The Arc of Essex County received more than $1,600 to date.

Amber Brown-Newsome and Chris Jacksic’s Group Home Holiday Party Fundraiser

  • Daniel Boutmy
  • Gerard Drappi
  • Beth Grossfeld
  • Alison Rynar-Vogel

Deycy Castillo Pardo’s Birthday Fundraiser

  • Kesia Azevedo
  • Deycy Castillo Pardo
  • Lily Pardo
  • Matthew Sanderson

Heather Joy’s Birthday Fundraiser

  • Heather Joy
  • Roger Winner

Angela LoSapio’s Birthday Fundraiser

  • Cheryl August
  • Cathy Fesolowich-Bentler
  • Fred LoSapio
  • Trudi LoSapio
  • Virginia LoSapio Weis
  • Ernie Marconi
  • Kim Marconi
  • Pete Renne
  • Fallon Villamor
  • Dana Votto LoSapio

Maria Meizoso’s Birthday Fundraiser

  • Rachel Barbella
  • Adam Baylor
  • Joanne Baylor
  • Melissa Belack
  • Shawn Cavalieri
  • Kevin Corcoran
  • Jesse Dannin
  • Breean Gilbert
  • Yvonne Harhigh
  • Lauren Klatte
  • Ali MacKay
  • Bryan McKeever
  • Megan Olsakowski
  • Kara Peters
  • Brooke Pinkos
  • Evan Rosenberg
  • Steve Rybicki

Rachel Miller’s Birthday Fundraiser

  • Annette Lopez
  • Cristina Lopez
  • Cathy Miller
  • Debra Miller
  • Muriel Rankin
  • Linda Trimarche Siciliano
  • Nancy Varon Vuoso

Have a birthday coming up? Perhaps a milestone anniversary on the horizon? Now there is a fun way to celebrate your special occasion with your friends and loved ones while making a difference. Leverage Facebook to host a personalized event on its social platform that will enable you to raise funds for The Arc of Essex County.

Are you ready to create your own birthday/celebration Facebook fundraiser? Here’s how…

In a few, easy steps, you could help raise significant funds for The Arc of Essex County.

  1. Go to
  2. Click “Raise Money for a Nonprofit Organization”
  3. Select “The Arc of Essex County” as the organization of your choice
  4. Create a goal and timeline for your fundraiser
  5. Customize your fundraiser page with a personal message about why you are raising money for The Arc of Essex County
  6. Create and Share with friends

Payments are processed through Facebook and will be deposited directly to The Arc of Essex County. Please note, Facebook has generously waived all processing fees for online donations processed through Facebook Fundraisers which means donations will have an even bigger impact!

To learn more about Facebook Fundraisers, click here.

Have a question? Need Help? Please contact Heather Comstock, Senior Director of Development and Communication at 973-535-1181 x1224 or