Tributes from December 11, 2014 - May 28, 2015

May 29th, 2015

Thank you for so many tributes!  Tributes are a beautiful way to acknowledge those you care for, and at the same time, help those in need.  To purchase a tribute, please call Stephanie Milot at (973) 535-1181 ext. 1227.

Tributes from December 11, 2014 - May 28, 2015


In honor of Bryce Bixon on his recent Bar Mitzvah

Lee and Arthur Bergman

In honor of Eileen O'Neill
Sarah and Carlos Salcines

In honor of Emerson Comstock and Addie Davis
Herb and Ellen Lev

In honor of Jackson Shulkowski
Dr. and Mrs. Michael F. Fesenmeier

In honor of Michael Kelly
The Michael Alan Group
The Doyles, The Roths, and The Walshes
John Murphy
Ignacio Mata
Choppy Guillotte
Judith Cramer
Lois Ratafia Diamond

In honor of Michael Kravitz
Herb and Ellen Lev

In honor of Suzanne Barry
Audrey Ascoli & Anthony Bellardita, Jeff & Eileen Merkle, and Scott & Colleen Matusek

In honor of The O'Neill Family
Hilary Hattenbach


Anna Chudzey

Lee and Arthur Bergman

Anne Conley Funcheon
Mary and Tim Day

Barbara Calderone
Susan Hagedorn

Columbia Rose Malcolm
Thomas Malcolm
Barbara Healy
Jacqueline Fabitore-Matheny
Angela Messineo and Sally Pistilli
Philip and Annette Martino
Eleanor Perry
Arthur Wexler
Kevin and Marie White
DeSarno family
Paul and Kathleen Wilson

Eileen Tengwall
Barbara Tigue
Lee and Arthur Bergman
Bethany Pulice
Christine Faulkner
Leslie Tierney and June Wedemeier
Wayne School Nurses
Donna M. Wurster
James and Elizabeth Tengwall
Cathy Peters
Al Ianacone
Nancy Carluccio
Joseph Tigue
Mary Ann Bergamini
Kirsten Brancheau
Linda Lobdell

Elva Lauro
Lee and Arthur Bergman

Irene O'Neill
Judith Cramer
Lois Ratafia Diamond
Dana Feldman, Bill Butler, and the Sinclair Broadcast Group
John, Catherine, Bailey, and Emma Kukla
Carole Grube and the Valley Road School of Stanhope
Bruce Smith
Greg Meidel
Al and Happy Ashley

James Reid
Lee and Arthur Bergman

John Costa, Sr.
Anne and Carmen Palumbo
Louise and Biaggino Circelli
Maria Xocoy
Bridget Mantone

Kathy James
Andrew and Elizabeth Blumetti

Laurence Conley
Chase Eager
Kristy and Bryon Linnehan
Lee and Arthur Bergman
Anita L. Malanka
Kathy and Jeff Bond
Tony and Barbara Zecca
Deborah Day Hayes
Charles and Lesea Newman
Harry and Betsy Sheil
John and Dolores Miller
Dawn Fuchs
Guidance Department at Pope John XXIII High School
Eileen and Dick Stuart
Douglas Loucks
Judy and Michael Kroeger
Lynn Henke
Christine Dziubla
Patricia and James Scott
Donald and Anne McKeown
Laura Lynch
James C. Day
Ellen and Vinnie Frey
Diane Lewis
Nancy E. Novack
Tomasina S. Clarke
Joseph and LaDonna Dorsey
Nancy Holland
Dennis and Denise Bone
Patricia Hoerner
Al Ianacone
Dolores Landon
Jeanne Eisele

Shirley Rosen
Lee and Arthur Bergman

Stephen and Jessie McCoy
Estate of Jessie McCoy

Virginia Frio
Frank and Georgi Gialanella

Willie Torres
Michele and Robert Sanger