Tributes from Spring 2019

June 30th, 2019

Tributes are a beautiful way to acknowledge those you care for, and at the same time, help further The Arc's mission. To purchase a tribute, please call Minerva Delgado at (973) 535-1181 ext. 1237 or visit The Arc of Essex County's website here.

Special Occasions:

In Honor of David and Sharyn Barber 
Ms. Ellen Doreen Higgins
Ms. Roseanne Monacelli
Mr. Alfred Galluzzo
Mrs. Darielle Walsh

In Honor of Alan and Susan Hammer
Ms. Alla Glaz
Mr. Jonathan Cohen

In Honor of Ruth Horn 
Mrs. Helga Horn


In Memory of Norma Amato
Ms. Noida Mahiya
Ms. Jill Prandstatter

In Memory of Joan Frantz
Mr. Dale Seabury

In Memory of Stephanie Hogan 
Mr. Andrew Pecora

In Memory of Kathy James 
Mr. Andrew Blumetti

In Memory of Bob Leopold
Mrs. Iris Leopold

In Memory of John Schettine
Mr. John O’Brien
Mr. Bruce Bird
Mrs. Marnie McNany
Ms. Karen Silverman
Ms. Anne Bradley
Mrs. Heather Comstock
Mr. Albert Ianacone 
Mrs. Maryanne Vindici
Mrs. Nancy Petite
Mr. Matthew Ryan

In Memory of Thomas Sheridan
The Werner Family Trust

Supporters can host Facebook Fundraisers for birthdays and celebrations to raise money on behalf of The Arc of Essex County. We are very grateful for the following individual who fundraised April – June 2019:

Delia Naguit’s Birthday Fundraiser
Cathleya Fajardo-DeGuzman
Maritess Bulacan
Michael Jay Guevarra
Alleli Naguit
Giselle Dana Luna
Gabrielle Dawn Luna
Delia Naguit

Dawn Glammy Cooper’s Birthday Fundraiser
Michelle Suarez
Brian Cooper
Mylene Porter
Geoffrey Burbage