Tributes from Summer 2020

October 1st, 2020

Tributes are a beautiful way to acknowledge those you care for, and at the same time, help further The Arc's mission. To purchase a tribute, please call Minerva Delgado at (973) 535-1181 ext. 1237 or visit The Arc of Essex County's website here.

Special Occasions:

In honor of Brad Hopton:
Alicia Hing

In honor of Kelly Starrett:
Sheree Starrett Bennett


In memory of Kathleen Bissell:
Josephine Zappia

In memory of Ann Chieppa:
Stephen Rinaldi
Helen Statz
Meredith Whitaker

In memory of Jack Daudt:
Camille Tedesco

In memory of Felipe Gorostiza:
Juan Arroyo

In memory of Claire Massey:
Louis DellaPia

In memory of Mickey McNany:
Beth Johnson

Supporters can host Facebook Fundraisers for birthdays and celebrations to raise money on behalf of The Arc of Essex County. We are very grateful for the following individuals who fundraised July – September 2020.

Zakia Benyard’s Birthday Fundraiser
Zakia Benyard
Rhoda Capers
Wilel Fanfan
Angela Laurene
Tanya Matthews
Kelli Mickens
Zanetta Robinson-Sargent
Silento Thomas
Princess Tillis-Haskins
Rose Tyler