Tributes from Winter 2018

March 28th, 2018

Tributes are a beautiful way to acknowledge those you care for, and at the same time, help those in need.  To purchase a tribute, please call Ann Burleigh at (973) 535-1181 ext. 1245 or visit The Arc of Essex County's website here.


In Honor of Doug Weber
Mr. and Mrs. Leonard Krawitz


Anita Bogus
Mr. & Mrs. Arthur Bergman

Thomas Kovach
Mr. & Mrs. Arthur Bergman

Ann Long
Mr. & Mrs. Arthur Bergman

John Nunzio
Mr. & Mrs. Ronald A. Benucci
Ms. Lynne Chiocca
Ms. Marie Duane
Mr. & Mrs. Ralph Milano
Ms. Barbara Nolan
Mr. Charles Nunzio
Ms. Marie Schaefer
Mr. David Silverman

Rose Sanzari
Ms. Regina DeSimone