Tributes from Winter 2019

April 1st, 2019

Tributes are a beautiful way to acknowledge those you care for, and at the same time, help further The Arc's mission. To purchase a tribute, please call Minerva Delgado at (973) 535-1181 ext. 1237 or visit The Arc of Essex County's website here.


In Honor of Felicia Raines
Mr. Robert Petzinger and Ms. Cristina Moran

In Honor of Sean Patraic McGlynn
Ms. Elizabeth O’Sullivan


In Memory of Wilhemina “Billy” Coldren
Ms. Laurie Barnett
Ms. Cathy Cassell
Ms. Patricia Digenova
Ms. Ione Perry

In Memory of Paul Falcone, Jr.
Mr. Frank Carpenter
Ms. Erin Starzyk
Mr. Rick Bushnell
Mr. Paul Murphy
Mr. Gary Ratkin
Mr. Christopher Arends
Ms. Diane Bono
Ms. Patti Ehrenkrantz
Mr. Charles Tahaney
Mr. Arthur Meyer
Ms. Jane Compagnone

In Memory of Kathy Fryhoff
Mrs. Lee Bergman

In Memory of Kathy James
Mr. Andrew Blumetti

In Memory of John Schettine
Ms. Rose Schaaf

In Memory of Thomas J. Sheridan
Ms. Ruth Hudson
Ms. Joan McTeigue
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Sileo
Ms. Peggy Becker
Sister Honora Werner

In Memory of Marion Simpson
Mr. Neal Cheramie
Mr. and Mrs. Lee Hubbard
Mr. Sergio Mucci
Mr. and Mrs. Fred Maikisch
Ms. Janice Kovalik
Ms. Michele Mezzina
Ms. Zina Michajliczenko
Mr. and Mrs. Harold Van Winkle
Mr. and Mrs. Frank Amoresano
Mr. and Mrs. Louis Champy
Mr. and Mrs. Edward Klotzbier
Mr. and Mrs. Leone
Ms. Linda Simpson
Mr. and Mrs. Rocco Musella
Mr. and Mrs. Richard DeKoyer
Mr. and Mrs. Donald Callahan
Mr. Robert Chiodo
Mr. and Mrs. Walter Graham
Mr. James Jones 
Ms. Georgiann Huber
Ms. Carol Stamm
Mr. and Mrs. Leonard Milioto
Mr. and Mrs. Gregory Gere
Mr. and Mrs. Richard Engelhardt
The Transition Center at Wood-Ridge
The Skokandich Family

Supporters can host Facebook Fundraisers for birthdays and celebrations to raise money on behalf of The Arc of Essex County. We are very grateful for the following individual who fundraised January – March 2019:

Vasilios Hatzimanolis’ Birthday Fundraiser
Liz Braun Cartaina
Kristin DeCapua Giordano
Tim Ghiselli
Vasilios Hatzimanolis