Tributes from Winter 2020

April 1st, 2020

Tributes are a beautiful way to acknowledge those you care for, and at the same time, help further The Arc's mission. To purchase a tribute, please call Minerva Delgado at (973) 535-1181 ext. 1237 or visit The Arc of Essex County's website here.

Special Occasions:

In Honor of Mary Tranchetti

Ann Chieppa
Wayne and Barbara Chieppa
Jane and Sal DiCola
Ron and Leslie DiCola
Richard DiCola
Denise Giaimo
Donna Gialanella
David Kiljarawicz
Cynthia Mosley
Livia Pettinato
Judi and Pat Recucci


In Memory of Barbara Cohen

        Lee Bergman

In Memory of John (Jack) Daudt

Stuart Applebaum
Cynthia Arcala
Sheila Balasa
Genevieve Collins
Robin Jimenez
Joan Loiacono
Susan Lubeck
Maureen Mostwill
Kathleen O'Hagen
Jo-Ann Raines
Audrey Schaefer
Josephine Schuster

In Memory of Marcy Goldstein

Diane Hurwoitz
Jeanette Nirenberg

In Memory of W.L. Hughes

        Lee Bergman

In Memory of Maureen O’Brien

        Tom Baffuto
        Herb & Ellen Lev

In Memory of Debbie Pecora

        Abby Rubin

Supporters can host Facebook Fundraisers for birthdays and celebrations to raise money on behalf of The Arc of Essex County. We are very grateful for the following individuals who fundraised January – March 2020:

Angela’s Birthday Fundraiser

Cheryl August
Nicole Chiong
Sharon Crump
Cathy Fesolowich-Bentler
Jen Grana
Margaret Higgins
Patricia Hill
Fred Losapio
Kim Marconi
Fallon Villamor

Haven’s Birthday Fundraiser

Adinah Alexand
Kathleen Nann
Mary Rodriguez
Eileen Stevens
Darci Zartman

Susan’s Birthday Fundraiser

Danny Caufield
John Caufield
Susan Caufield
Eugene Errico
Bill Juliano
Jim Langenbach
Ed McCarthy
Thomas McGovern
Mark Pocius
Chrissy Thatcher
Saveria Tommaso
Brian Warnock
David Warnock

Vasilios’s Birthday Fundraiser

Nick Caplanis
Liz Cartaina
Kelly Elardo
Kristin Giordano
Vasilios Hatzimanolis
Kelly Hurley
Tammy O'connor-Lockett
Michele Wright