Wallace Daniels Recognized By Overlook Medical Center

November 17th, 2016

In a letter dated Wednesday, November 16th, nursing staff from Overlook Medical Center's Developmental Disabilities Center recognized the efforts of Wallace Daniels, a 15-year veteran of The Arc of Essex County for his "patience, tact, respect and a caring attitude towards the clients and Clinic staff".  Citing his demeanor and knowledge when accompanying residents of The Arc of Essex County to the Developmental Disabilities Center, the Overlook nursing staff commended Wallace's contributions towards patient safety, medication accuracy, and timely transmission of refills and updated prescriptions to the pharmacy.

"The challenges we face in health care are overwhelming.  However, when we work together as a team, caring for our client becomes more fulfilling and rewarding," said Juliet Nelson RN BSN at the Developmental Disabilities Center at Overlook Medical Center in a letter to The Arc.  "Your staff member Wallace has demonstrated the qualities of a great team player who engages and plays his role with pride.  Your organization is fortunate to have him as a valued and trusted employee."

The Arc of Essex County would like to congratulate Wallace on this much deserved recognition and express our sincere appreciation for his dedication and care.