"What You Need to Know; What You Need to Do" Annual Membership Meeting Attracts more than 70 Attendees

June 16th, 2015

On Monday, June 15, The Arc of Essex County hosted it's Annual Membership Meeting.  Attendees learned about the new fee-for-service system and how the system changes will impact their loved ones and family.  During this meeting, The Arc of Essex County’s CEO Linda Lucas provided an explanation of the state’s shift to a fee-for-service model and the impact on provider agencies.  Director of Business Development Melissa Soules provided families with an overview of their role and responsibilities in continuing to receive services in the fee-for-service model.  

Discussion topics included:

  • Fee-for-Service Overview and Timeline
  • Impact on Provider Agencies like The Arc of Essex County
  • Individual Assessment Process and the Impact on Budget and Services
  • Understanding Medicaid Waiver Enrollment and the Importance of Maintaining Eligibility
  • Selecting Services and the Role of the Support Coordinator

A printable version of the "What You Need to Know; What You Need to Do" presentation is available here.  An FAQ document answering questions from the audience is available here

If you have any questions about the fee-for-service model, the assessment process, or how it will impact services, please contact Melissa Soules at (973) 535-1181 ext. 1262 or msoules@arcessex.org.