The Arc of Essex County Day Services are provided in a variety of community based settings with wide ranging activities. Community Resource Center activities such as volunteering, community trips and skill building classes help consumers develop essential interpersonal skills. Vocational Centers encourage consumers to learn and enhance employment related skills, while Specialized Centers assist those with extra physical, medical or behavioral needs. All participants choose from an evolving menu of activities held either in the center or in the community.

Community Resource Centers (CRC)

The Arc of Essex County’s Community Resource Centers focus on activities which integrate consumers with the community as well as their peers. The Arc’s Centers further enhance the opportunity for social interaction by routinely planning activities with other Community Resource Centers.   These activities may include sport and social events and specialized classes such as yoga and cooking. Consumers participate in activities such as:

  • Arts and crafts
  • Beauty days
  • Cooking
  • Educational classes
  • Emergency management  
  • Fitness
  • Hygiene
  • Life skills
  • Money management
  • Self-advocacy
  • Table top games
  • Volunteer opportunities
  • Community inclusion trips (IE libraries, movies, parks)


The Arc of Essex County’s Vocational Day Programs operate with the goal of enhancing employment related skills for consumers.    These programs teach job , communication and social skills through a variety of opportunities such as job sampling, mobile crews, subcontract work.  There are three types of Vocational programs: sheltered workshop, crew labor and The Achievement Academy.  Each program is structured to provide the maximum benefit to the consumers who participate.


The Arc of Essex County’s Specialized Day Programs serve consumers who require additional supervision and support in order to successfully participate in various in-center and community activities. Here, participants benefit from more individualized care, provided by highly trained staff. Consumers take part in activities similar to traditional Community Resource Centers but at a more comfortable pace with greater staff support.