The Claremont apartment program is based out of a two family home located in Montclair. The residents at Clarement enjoy the best of two worlds, enjoying both the independence of the two individual apartment units and the ability to easily join their friends in the other unit for shared fun. These men are always on the go, attending movies, enjoying concerts in the park, bowling, going on picnics, holding barbeques in the backyard, etc. They also enjoy dances, parties, going to local and professional basketball games, eating out, and much more. They each pursue individual interests and activities that include perfecting their computer skills, creating beautiful artwork, and enhancing their encyclopedic knowledge of music. The two men at this program have been friends for decades, first at another program and then moving here together when this program opened. All of the men have a good relationship and enjoy spending time together. Several years ago, one of their housemates became very ill and had to move to a nursing home. The men still visit him regularly; he is, after all, family! The men take pride in their home and help out whenever they can. They also enjoy volunteer work and jobs in the community and at The Arc of Essex County’s Supportive Work Opportunities Program and ARCompany. You can feel the energy when you visit this home!

  • Space for 6 residents
  • Open concept layout on main floor
  • Downtown location in walking distance to shopping