The Nutley residence is a family-style home in Nutley located on a quiet dead-end street. Many of the individuals at this program have lived together for 10-20 years.  Not surprisingly, they consider themselves to be an extended family, and refer to themselves in that manner.  They are an active and fun loving group, always looking for new things to try.  They hold parties at their home and enjoy attending parties hosted by others. They enjoy engaging in community outings such as trips to the movies, restaurants, Medieval Times, the YMCA, and numerous other venues, often making use of The Arc’s recreation clubs.  They are very connected to their community, knowing many neighbors and local merchants by name. The ladies at this home especially love looking their best, spending a great deal of time getting their hair and nails done and shopping for just the right outfits.  They are also serious about learning new skills and helping at their home.  Skills that have brought pride to these individuals include writing their own name, reciting their address, taking on regular chores, and earning a paycheck at the ARCompany day program.

  • Space for six residents
  • 24/7 supervision
  • Located near parks and outdoor spaces