The Orange residence is a single-family style group home located in a turn of the century mansion in Orange, providing beautiful trim work and spacious living areas.The men and women at this program each have their own special hobbies and skills.  A favorite activity is dancing, with the residents seeking out dance classes to broaden their skills. One resident tends to the home’s vegetable garden, producing delicious produce for her housemates, especially her beloved tomatoes. Another is a wiz at crochet.  Whether the residents choose to pursue a personal interest or group activity, they always have something to do.  As a group, they found that they love being pampered and now enjoy regular “Spa Days” when they all get their hair and or nails done in the community.   They also enjoy a wide variety of activities and “staycations” such as Dave and Busters, Jenkinson’s Aquarium, The Statue of Liberty, swimming at Camp Hope, Seton Hall events and parties, and much more.  They love holding big barbeque parties in their huge backyard.  And, of course, fine dining in local restaurants is always welcome.  This is an active and fun group who really enjoy life!

  • Space for six residents
  • 24/7 supervision
  • Near shopping, dining and activities
  • Care based on individual needs