Seven Oaks

Seven Oaks is a single-family style residence located in Orange, New Jersey.This beautiful ranch houses some wonderful men with varied skills and interests.  In their home, the residents enjoy partaking in hobbies and games with each other and their staff.  The staff continues to demonstrate creativity as they have invented many special home based activities to entertain while simultaneously providing health and skill based benefits.  Favorite activieds include “Dancing to the Stars of Seven Oaks”, where Michael Jackson is still the king, “Cornstarch Slurry Treasure Hunt” where fun objects are waiting to be discovered, “Spa Night” where hand massages are provided while gentle music plays, and “Monkey Bread Bonanza” where the one talented man helps create this delicious treat.   The men also enjoy favorite hobbies such as playing basketball and the piano.   While these men tend to prefer home based activities, they also enjoy quieter community delights such as visits to the zoo, watching the paddle boats at Verona Park, and especially eating out at nice restaurants.  The men love it here, feeling safe and loved in a home that truly treats them as valued and unique individuals.       

  • Space for four residents
  • 24/7 supervision
  • Located near parks and outdoor spaces