The Arc of Essex County is committed to providing quality services through a dedicated and well trained work force. Using a comprehensive training module which includes a variety of pre-service, introductory, and technical support trainings, our Training Team provides staff with the necessary tools needed to provide quality supports to our consumers.

The Arc of Essex County is an approved agency by the State of NJ, Division of Developmental Disabilities to provide required pre-service trainings to our own staff as well as staff from outside agencies. The pre-service trainings that we offer to outside agencies are as follows:

  • CPR/First Aid: American Red Cross Training that reviews basic First Aid and CPR information (breaths and compressions, etc.) Staff that complete this course are Red Cross certified for two years.
  • Overview of Developmental Disabilities/Preventing Abuse and Neglect: Training gives information about different types of Developmental Disabilities- Autism Spectrum Disorders, Cerebral Palsy, general I/DD, etc. In addition, the class discusses what constitutes abuse and neglect, illustrating different examples of each, and addressing what to do if you feel that this is occurring at one of the programs in which you are working.
  • Medication Administration: Trains staff on how to administer and document medication of consumers. This includes documenting scripts appropriately on the MARS (Medication Administration Records), checking for problems, and how to proceed if there is a medication error (documentation or administration. ) Training involves a written and administrative test to demonstrate proficiency of material. Staff must pass these tests in order to pass the class and be authorized to administer medication.

Trainings are offered to outside agencies at a nominal per slot registration fee.