A photograph of a gray house with dark shutters and a front porch. There are trees on either side and there is a walkway with a railing.

For individuals seeking a community living placement, The Arc of Essex County has the following November 2020 openings:

NEW!  Belmont Group Home (1 Male Vacancy)

  • 1 Bedroom Available in a 5-Bedroom Group Home
  • 24/7 Staff Supervision
  • Large Single Family Home in a Great Livingston Neighborhood
  • Can accommodate residents with additional medical supports and aging needs
  • Current roommates are males ranging in age from early 50’s to early 60’s.  They enjoy spending time as a group watching movies and vintage TV shows, hosting backyard barbeques, and exploring new interests and hobbies

Verona Supervised Apartment (1 Male Vacancy)

  • 1 Bedroom Available in a 3-Bedroom Supervised Apartment
  • 24/7 Staff Supervision
  • Large 2 Family Home with Great Front Porch
  • Located near public transportation and within walking distance of Verona’s downtown shopping & restaurants and the beautiful Verona Park
  • Current roommates are males ranging in age from early 20’s to late 40’s.  They enjoy spending time pursuing their own interests such as reading, watching TV, being active, socializing with friends, and occasionally participating in community activities as a group.

South Orange Supportive Living Apartment (1 Female Vacancy)

  • 1 bedroom available in a 2 bedroom apartment
  • Minimal community living support needs
  • Access to an emergency on-call system for added safety 24 hours a day
  • Apartment-style living in 5-floor building with elevator
  • Located steps from public transportation and South Orange’s vibrant downtown

Respite Group Home 

Are you heading out of town for an upcoming business trip or planning a medical procedure that requires overnight or rehab recovery?  Do you need coverage for your loved one with an intellectual or developmental disability?  The Arc of Essex County’s Respite Group Home can help.  Accommodating up to 6 residents, the home is designed to provide a caring and supportive stay during planned or unplanned respite events with every safety precaution in place.  The home features:

  • 24/7 Staff Supervision
  • Large, 2-Story, Single Family, Colonial-style Home
  • Designed to create a family-like setting in which consumers can feel comfortable until they transition into permanent housing or return home
  • Staff is prepared to manage behavioral issues and additional supports based on the needs of the individual

For additional information about The Arc of Essex County’s residential services, click here.  If you are interested in pursuing independent living at one of the above properties, please contact The Arc’s Senior Director of Residential Services, Rebecca Lorusso via email at or by calling (973) 535-1181 ext. 1270.