Day Programs Continue Quest to Become Virtual Citizens of the World

A group of people holding Ghana flags

The Arc of Essex County’s Day Programs are about halfway through their global explorations as they continue to travel the world through a curriculum that focuses on different cultures by exploring the traditions of art, music, cuisine, and holidays.

At SYA, to commemorate virtual trips to India, Australia, and China, consumers had “mid-term exams” in May. They were shown pictures from each country and had to determine which country the image came from. It was a rousing, enthusiastic event and everyone got an A+!

SYA participants also recently began their study of several African countries. They were treated to a presentation about Ghana from The Arc’s own Dacia King-Sarkodie, Senior Manager of Community Services. Dacia introduced them to the language, culture, and customs from Ghana, and participants got to see and touch beautiful clothing, jewelry, and tribal masks. They also got to taste some delicious fried plantains and sample the exquisite chocolate that Ghana is famous for. It was truly an exciting day for the SYA world travelers.

The Arc of Essex County Day Services are provided in a variety of community-based settings with wide-ranging activities. Community Resource Center activities such as volunteering, community trips, and skill-building classes help consumers develop essential interpersonal skills. Vocational Centers encourage consumers to learn and enhance employment-related skills, while Specialized Centers assist those with extra physical, medical, or behavioral needs. All participants choose from an evolving menu of activities held either in the center or in the community. For more information, contact Director of Day Services Angela LoSapio at (973) 535-1181 x1231 or