Children’s Respite Activities Move to Camp Hope for the Summer

The Arc of Essex County’s Children’s Respite Program has been enjoying playing basketball, board games, musical fun, and water play during its summer Saturday sessions. June featured a Paint & Sip activity that generated a beautiful collection of artwork by the group.

Children’s Respite runs three times a month and meets at Camp Hope during July and August, where children enjoy a variety of activities with their peers. Plans for the fall season are also coming together as The Arc plans a cooking class, a restaurant outing, holiday celebrations, a money management session, gift shopping, and more.

The Children’s Saturday Respite Program is a community-based program for children ages 5 to 21. The program participates in both community-based and in-center activities including visits to parks, festivals, cooking, arts and crafts, and more. The in-center location is based out of Maplewood. To learn more, click here or contact Children & Family Services Assistant Director Erica Zupkus at 973-535-1181 ext. 1275 or