Stepping Stones Kicks Off Healthy New Year

Three photos of children playing with pretend snow. Left, a boy in red using a blue tray, middle, a boy in gray, red, and black using a green tray, and right, a girl in a red shirt playing with ice on a red tray.

During the month of January, the children in the Stepping Stones School primary class have been learning about healthy habits, the five food groups, and creating a balanced meal, all to kick off a healthy 2024.

The children conducted a science experiment to see how much grease is produced by different kinds of potato chips. The potato chip choices were regular, baked, kettle cooked, and from a tube. Students observed that when a potato chip is crushed on a sheet of paper it leaves a different amount of grease on the paper. The children had fun doing this experiment and tasting each kind of potato chip.

Students also participated in various sensory activities related to the winter season, creating ice towers and sculptures using shaving cream and plastic ice cubes. They also played in fake snow, with each child receiving a tray with fake snow, toy penguins, igloos and plastic ice cubes.

The Arc of Essex County’s Stepping Stones School is a Department of Education approved private school for students with disabilities serving children ages 3-10. The school is designed to meet the developmental and educational needs of children with cognitive impairments such as Down syndrome and other students with similar educational and developmental needs. For more information, or to request a virtual tour and assistance with an out-of-district placement, contact Robin Moses, Director of Early Childhood and Education at (862) 210-8781 or