Promises: Past & Future — The Arc of Essex County’s 2022-23 Annual Report

The Arc of Essex County recently released its Annual Report for the 2022-2023 fiscal year, titled “Promises: Past and Future.” The publication includes the year’s financial report, as well as a review of important initiatives and a celebration of the agency’s 75th anniversary.

In reflecting on this milestone, what rose to the forefront was a promise that has sustained The Arc of Essex County throughout its 75 years: a commitment to help children and adults with intellectual and developmental disabilities live their best lives, and to provide services and support with dignity and care.

That promise is reflected throughout the report: It’s shown in the innovative programs offered to children with IDD, in the reimagined activities for adult consumers, and in a commitment to support residents through their changing needs as they grow older. It’s also shown through the collection of personal stories that are shared within the report’s pages.

Whether The Arc is welcoming a new family into the Early Intervention programs or investing in adaptive equipment for elderly group home residents, and at every stage in between, we make a promise to each of the more than 1,500 individuals we serve, pledging that we will maintain their safety, comfort, and dignity through our services, and that we will fight for a more inclusive community.

These promises, past and future, are how The Arc centers itself through busy and changing times.

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