Studio Arc Welcomes Renowned Artist Gina Beavers

A woman in a gray sweatshirt with blond hair and glasses standing next to a woman in a black shirt with white sleeves wearing a black hijab and holding a painting of a mouth, with red lips and white teeth.

On March 26, Studio Arc had the honor of hosting Gina Beavers, a New Jersey-based artist who has shown her work in special exhibits at the Museum of Modern Art in New York and other prestigious venues. She is known for her realistic and textured paintings and sculptures that often depict everyday objects, food, and social media images. Artists from all four Arc Day Programs had recently completed paintings and collages, which featured mouths, eyes, and food items and were inspired by Beavers.

The visit from Beavers was a memorable experience for The Arc’s artists, who enjoyed interacting with her, learning from her, and showing her the works they created that were inspired by her. She was kind enough to leave copies of two of her art books at the studio to help foster future inspiration among the artists. She also expressed her gratitude and admiration for the Studio Arc program and its participants, noting their creativity and originality, and encouraged them to keep pursuing their artistic passions. The Arc of Essex County thanks Gina Beavers for being so generous with her time and talents.

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