Act Now: Advocate for Increased FY25 Budget Funding for People with IDD

Yellow background with a white bullhorn on the left. To the right, The Arc of New Jersey logo and the words "Action Alert!"

An Action Alert from The Arc of New Jersey:

Tell the Senate President, Assembly Speaker and Budget Committee Chairs that we need to fund the following priorities in the FY25 Budget:

  • Waiting List – The Governor included enough money to move 400 people off the List. We need $13 million more to move an additional 200 individuals, bringing the total to 600 people off the Waiting List in FY25. 
  • DSPs – The Budget must include $42 million in the FY25 Budget to increase DSP wages by $1.25 an hour.
  • DCF Camp Rates – We need $2.2 million to increase the camp rates which have only gone up by $2 in the past ten years!
  • Early Intervention – It is imperative that the FY25 Budget include $4.4 million to increase the Early Intervention rates by 3%.
  • COLA – Providers continue to struggle with increased costs for everything from fuel to food. We are requesting a 3% increase to the fee-for-service rates, totaling $39.3 million.

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