Tributes and Facebook Fundraisers – Winter 2022

Tributes are a beautiful way to acknowledge those you care for, and at the same time, help further The Arc’s mission. To purchase a tribute, please call Ann Burleigh at (973) 535-1181 ext. 1245 or visit our tribute page here.

Special Occasions (January to March 2022):

In Honor of Brian Caufield
Maryanne Vindici

In Honor of Jose Maria Arrufat
Peter Morral
Julia Cerny
Joseph Nitti
Julio Baguer
John Sordillo
Heather Marvell
Matthew Guest
Robert Manley
Kevin Daly
Ivan Zamarbide
Steven Kaiser
Michele Renna
Richard Marks
Terry Sekel
Tom Hoatson
Rafael Flores
Daniel Landaluce
Joseph Zabik
Ron Ruggieri
Jose M. Tome
T.K. Kelly
David Griffiths
Avideh Moussavian
Jeff Moryan
Arun Vadlamani
Jim Hall
Steve May
Maria Dominguez-Massiani
Daniela Manole
Manuel Prior Diago
Dan Verschleiser
Ted Kleedorfer
Yvonne Farrell
Martin Daly
Richard Wright
Madeline Lichtman
Antonio Pichardo
Glenn Herman
Claire Stewart Maffei

In Memory of Irene Brotman
Fran Ferrari
Ami Gewolb
Matthew Moura
Barry M. Farber
Stefani Russo

In Memory of Josefina Coderch-Bach
Barbara Schatz

In Memory of Kevin Carr
Charles Marisca
Barbara Drumm
Tresa Kirk
Barbara Keil
Katherine Keil
Jeffrey S. Hess

Supporters can host Facebook Fundraisers for birthdays and celebrations to raise money on behalf of The Arc of Essex County. We are very grateful for the following individuals who fundraised January to March 2022:

Jocelyn Hughes

Angela LoSapio
Cheryl August
Jen Grana
Fallon Villamor
Kerry Marie

Susan Anne Caufield
Brian Warnock
Squire Peter Stoffers
Chrissy Thatcher
Mark Pocius
Deirdre Brady
Susie Caufield
Shay Caufield
Megan Dienna
Amy Dardis
Al Vindici