Destination: Fun | The Arc of Essex County’s Spring Appeal Connects Campers to the Summer of their Dreams

Over the past two summers, The Arc of Essex County has moved mountains to keep Camp Hope open to as many families as possible, all while maintaining a Covid-safe environment for our campers and staff. We were told repeatedly what a lifeline Camp Hope was for so many of our families, bringing consistency, community, and fun to children and adults with intellectual and developmental disabilities during a time when so many opportunities had disappeared.

But, sadly, obstacles remained for some families who were unable to attend camp because of a lack of accessible transportation for their loved ones.

As we prepare for the summer of 2022, we are excited to serve many more campers, expanding our enrollment by 45% over last year. We are determined to remove the transportation barrier for those families who lacked access in the past. Our camp team is working tirelessly and creatively to add bus routes, create more pickup hubs, and extend door-to-door pickups in certain circumstances.

These changes come at a steep cost, especially as gas prices and other expenses have increased substantially. Transportation was already the largest budget item for Camp Hope, and we expect to spend more than $100,000 on busing during the seven-week camp season this year, a record high.

Nonetheless, we are determined to make the connections that will allow more of our camp families to once again have access to all that Camp Hope has to offer, from the swimming pool and splash pad to the playground and recreational fields, where memories are created and friendships are made.

Will you donate today to help connect campers with the summer of their dreams?Your contribution will help bring children and adults to Camp Hope, regardless of whether their family has access to a vehicle.

We all hope this summer brings us a step closer to normal. Our camp families have had the blessing of keeping a sense of normalcy over the last two years. Help us continue to provide that lifeline, and extend it to more families, by making a contribution to our Spring Appeal today. Click here to donate.