Arc Recreation Hosts a Self-Care Retreat and Goes to the Movies

A group of people sitting in chairs and holding hula hoops in front of them.

During the month of January, participants in The Arc of Essex County’s Adult Recreation and Community Inclusion program enjoyed a retreat at Studio Arc, a trip to the movies, and weekly bowling excursions.

For the Self Care Retreat at Studio Arc on January 8, participants focused on “A Healthy Me in 2023,” learning about good nutrition, the benefits of exercise and a good night’s sleep, and discovering ways to protect themselves and others from illness. The day started with a taco bar in which the participants made their own turkey tacos with lots of healthy toppings. Everyone was encouraged to experiment and try a new food; avocados emerged as a group favorite. After lunch there was hula-hoop exercising, nutrition bingo, and wellness videos. All the participants left with a medal commemorating their accomplishments.

On January 22, the group visited AMC Theaters in Clifton, where they had a lot of good laughs with their peers as they watched “Puss in Boots.” They also enjoyed the chance to select their own snacks.

The bowling group continued to meet three times on Saturdays in January, where they learn how to take turns, keep score, and support each other.

If your loved one with intellectual or developmental disabilities is interested in educational programming, community experiences, seasonally themed events, or weekend group respite programs, the offerings for individuals 18 and older can be viewed in our Community Inclusion, Recreation, & Respite Calendar. For any questions, contact Assistant Director of Adult Services Dacia King-Sarkodie at (973) 535-1181 ext 1272 or