Medieval Times and Farm-to-Table Highlight September Recreation Fun

A group of 17 Arc of Essex County adults wear crowns and stand in front of a Medieval Times scene, with knight armor posed to the right.

From watching jousting knights to enjoying a freshly prepared seasonal meal, participants in The Arc of Essex County’s Community Inclusion and Group Respite program had an adventurous September together.

On September 17, participants first went to Shop Rite to purchase fresh seasonal ingredients and then prepared customized fruit and vegetable salads at Studio Arc, which made for a beautiful autumn spread.

On September 24, the group went back to the Middle Ages, as they visited Medieval Times in Lyndhurst. There, they watched a battle of the knights, marveled at the horseback riding in the tournament, and enjoyed a robust feast together.

September also featured regular bowling trips and a visit to the movies, as well as Saturday Group Respite, Hotel Respite, and After-Work. If your loved one with intellectual or developmental disabilities is interested in educational programming, community experiences, seasonally themed events, or weekend group respite programs, you can learn more about all of these activities at The Arc’s Recreation Services page, and view the Fall Recreation Catalog. For any questions, contact Assistant Director of Adult Services Dacia King-Sarkodie at (973) 535-1181 ext. 1272 or