Mary McNany’s College Acceptance Video Goes Viral

When 20-year-old Mary McNany, a Stepping Stones graduate and daughter of The Arc of Essex County’s board president Marnie McNany, learned that she was accepted into The College of New Jersey’s Career and Community Studies Program, she reacted excitedly. That special moment was caught on video, and as The Arc of Essex County shared it on social media channels in celebration of this milestone, her star power rose exponentially as thousands got the chance to view her big moment.

With a reach of more than 8,500 on our Facebook page, 700+ views on Instagram, 1,800 views on Twitter, and 11,000 impressions on LinkedIn, the video also reached the masses through news coverage on News12 New Jersey and then by getting picked up by The Uplift, where it was viewed more than 342,000 times!

We at the The Arc are so happy for Mary, and proud of our part in her journey to college. We wish her the best of luck in this new chapter… as do, clearly, hundreds of thousands of others across the world!

Mary’s video can be viewed on our Facebook page, Instagram page, Twitter page, and LinkedIn page.