Elvis Extravaganza Among Fun Fall Recreation Activities

The Arc of Essex County’s recreation participants enjoyed a medley of fun activities, including an celebration of Elvis Presley, a delicious brunch, an arcade trip, and a street fair.

On September 11, a change in plans took participants to a lovely brunch at the Stage House Tavern in Mountainside. (This was in place of the scheduled trip to Bear Mountain, which was not offering brunch.) In addition to delicious food, the group enjoyed live music and fun conversation together and had a great time.

A gathering the following week on September 18 featured a celebration of the King of Rock and Roll at the Elvis Extravaganza. DJ Candy Cane provided Elvis music and decorations, and the meal included a few of Elvis’s favorite desserts, such as lemon meringue pie and sour cream pound cake. Everyone cherished the Elvis props they were able to take home.

On September 25, the group visited Dave and Buster’s at the Willowbrook Mall in Wayne, where they enjoyed playing arcade games and had a meal together.

The weather on October 2 was iffy, but conditions held out for the group to visit the Kiwanis Street Fair in Caldwell. Visitors shopped, enjoyed live entertainment, took photos, and putted golf balls. They finished their day with a Chipotle lunch just before the downpour began!

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